A Jumping Game With Scratch

Scratch Jumping Game

This is a jumping game I have made using the coding platform Scratch, Its very simple and easy to make. Moreover, its a really good tutorial for a beginner who has just started programming in scratch and wants to learn more about it this is the perfect tutorial. This tutorial was all thanks to scratch team for the original.

The jumping game consists of the commonly used categories in scratch such as the motion, control, events. You put all those blocks together you get a script or also know as, a big piece of code. The sprites that have been used in this game are Dot the dog, and two balls. Not to mention I also added a backdrop from the backdrop library to make the game more attractive.

You can view the code of each sprite below but to know the explanation you can watch the video that has been given below

These are the codes of each sprite:

Dot The Dog:

Ball 1

Ball 2

And that’s it, that’s all the code for each sprite, easy isn’t it? So that’s why you should watch the tutorial below to make the full game, I’m sure you will enjoy it!


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