About Me


Mehthab’s Universe is all about me, my studies and activities which I do on a regular basis and as a hobby.

My name is Mehthab Imtiaz from Sri Lanka, now I’m living and studying in Saudi Arabia with my parents, I have a sister, reading is my favorite hobby and writing as well, playing online games with my friends.

Exploring different websites and learning new things is also a way I like to spend my free time, I study in Grade 8 and my age is 13 and in all school subjects science is the one that interests me most, especially chemistry, I already the know the whole periodic table as its one of the most important lessons in chemistry.

I have an interest ICT to because that’s the basics to become a good programmer and website developer. I’d love to be a scientist or astronaut when I grow up because I want to study the universe and make awesome experiments, sometimes I think if I could be both. Blue is my favorite color because it’s a calm color and it is the color of the ocean and sky. Visiting other countries would be a dream because i want to see all the ancient places in a particular country.

Cat’s would be my favorite pet’s because they are cute and fluffy. If I could be an inventor I would like to invent vehicles that fly because I think flying cars will look more easier and help you when your stuck in traffic. Spelling is an amazing talent I’m good at, because it is the basics needed to write a good story. 

This website/blog is specially dedicated for learning and exploring and publishing activities that I do.

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