An Adventurous Camping Trip


Have you ever gone camping before? How did you feel? Excited? Scared? Happy? Well, camping trips can be very fun and adventurous if you’re careful. Otherwise, things can go very wrong. Let me narrate to you the day I went camping with my family and got lost.


It was an average day, I was just sitting on my computer playing games when my mother came in the room and said “We are going camping this evening when your father gets back, get ready!”. I was so excited and was leaping for joy, I quickly went off my computer and got ready packing all my things for the camping trip.

Later I realized that my sister was coming too, I don’t really get along well with my sister so I wasn’t very overjoyed by that fact.  Soon after, we get in the car and we go to the nearby woods to set up our tent. We reached the camping spot and as our parents were setting up the tent, me and my sister decided to go for a stroll in the woods.

Immediately at that moment is when we did a big mistake, we strolled around for a while and when we decided to head back to our tent, we realized we were completely lost. We searched around for our tent for a while and when we couldn’t find it, my sister started to panic. I had to calm her down and tell her that we would be alright and we would find our way back. We started to retrace our steps to see if that would lead us to something, but it was all in vain. I didn’t have my phone with me so I couldn’t call my parents either.

As time passed by, my sister lost all hope and started to cry, I too felt bad for her and I was also exhausted. I was on the verge of losing all hope but I kept moving on. Soon after, we came back to a spot I felt we have been before, it was at that moment that I realized we have been going in a circle the whole time! I was very frustrated at this fact that I stomped my foot in rage. Right after that, I had an incredible idea.

I realized that we should send a smoke signal. I was very happy at this fact and I immediately got to work. I told my sister to gather some wood and make a fire. Afterwards, my sister gathered a lot of wood and I made a fire. Before long, a lot of smoke arose and we looked up happily. Later on, I heard my parents shouting our names, we called back to them and they quickly arrived at our location. We were very happy and went back to our tent.

Because of that incident, me and my sister are now closer to each other and help each other, it was truly a memorable trip.

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