Artificial Sun 5 Times Hotter Than Sun

China's Artificial Sun

China has switched on its nuclear fusion reactor.

China's Artificial Sun
China has switched on its nuclear fusion reactor.

In a surprising approach China switched on its nuclear fusion reactor, which is called the “artificial sun” is also known as the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (or EAST for short).

According to news from China, the reactor ran 5 times hotter than the real sun for over 17 minutes. The idea behind this artificial sun technology is to provide, never limitless clean energy, this project has cost China more than £700bn and its experiment will run until mid of this year. If China can continue to work on this artificial sun, we will be able to see more breakthrough in the coming future.

Nuclear fusion reactor is not a piece of cake that we can easily consume, its a very high risk where the idea is fully based on replicating physics of the actual sun. This artificial sun will be merging the positively charged nucleus to generate a huge amount of energy and all that energy will be transferred in to electricity, the actual process in really complicated to understand which involves a lot mathematic calculations.

The United Kingdom also has plans to build its own nuclear fusion power station.

The physicists make sure that there is far less risk to the environment, as the artificial sun doesn’t require any fossil fuels and they actually don’t leave behind no hazardous wastes. When compared to nuclear fission reactors this can be a true statement.

Now china is the only country started working on this kind of massive projects on artificial sun, fusion could eventually combat climate change by way of replacing energy sources that emit greenhouse gases such as coal and gas.

South Korea also has its own ‘artificial sun’ as per to realiable sources.

A nuclear fusion reactor the process by which power is produced
A Nuclear Fusion Reactor

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