Can the new Nanochip reprogram cells in your body.


The new nano chip reprogrammed cells.


The new nano chip reprogrammed cells in the body to perform various different functions, where the skin cells can be turned into new blood vessels and nerve cells.

The researches have moved the prototype into the fabrication phase and have named the technology to tissue nano-transfection and this technology uses a silicon nanochip that is printed. In order to include chanells in an array of micro needles on the top of the chip, they have placed a rectangular cargo container which will hold specific genes, this non invasive nanochip device can reprogram tissue functions by applying a harmless electric spark which will deliver a specific genes in a fraction of a second. Like for example when a blood vessel get damaged by an accident, this specific nanochip technology will convert skin tissue into blood vessels and this is currently being used to reprogram tissues for different types of therapies. This also includes repairing brain damage caused by stroke.

The research team published the nanochip manufacturing process so that other scientist can also participate in the development of new therapies. The scientist can revert specialized adult cells into no specialized stem cells found in embryonic tissue. They can be induced to grow into various cell tissues and eventually organs but this requires great complicated laboratory procedures and also it raise very serious health risks.

But the new technology can turn the human body into its own cell programmer and aslo the nanochips fabrication process can typically take up to 5 to 6 days.

Once it will get the FDA approval, this technology could be used for critical clinical research in people, patients in hospitals, health centers, and emergency rooms and situations.

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