Catship Battle||☁Multiplayer Shooter Game


An Epic Game Were You Have To Shoot Out Other Players! This Is Multiplayer! Invite Your Friends!
May The Best Catship Win.
One of the standout features of Catship Battle is its capacity to host an unlimited number of players within each server.!

-1990 Blocks
-17 Sprites
-161 scripts

Controls –
-Look at the map at the bottom right too see where your opponents are, your opponents are red, you are blue

  • Use Arrow keys/WASD/ to Move
  • Up arrow/w – To go up
  • Left arrow/a – To go left
  • Right arrow/d – To go right
  • Up arrow/w – To go down
  • Click/Space to Shoot
  • T for Chat
  • M for mute and unmute or use the button at the top left

Try it out here (Note you can’t play with other people unless you play it on scratch with an account):

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