Email Writing: A Visit To An Amusement Park


Cartoon amusement park with circus, carousels and roller coaster vector illustration. Circus park and carousel cartoon fun, amusement and carnival

Dear Sam,

Hope you are doing well; I am writing this letter to inform you about the amazing experience I had at the amusement park this weekend. I wish you could have come too.

As we entered the amusement park, I was breath taken at the sight of all the amazing rides, there was a Ferris Wheel, a bouncy castle and best of all a Roller Coaster! I made sure to go to every single ride that I could afford in my card. My experience in the roller coaster was bone-chilling and I enjoyed it a lot. I also went to the Ferris Wheel and it was very calm and relaxing to ride and I thoroughly enjoyed it too,

I hope you can come next time I go to an amusement park, the experience will be even better with you by my side.

Yours Truly,


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