Fidget Spinner – An Animation


This was my first animation that I made on scratch. Its a very easy to make animation which didn’t take me much to time to create. Its made up of simple blocks as I made this project when I was a kid. The basic plot of the story is about a guy who gets bored and decides to spin his fidget spinner.

Embarking on the realm of animation within the Scratch platform, my inaugural project unfolds as a concise yet illustrative testament to the accessibility and creative potential inherent in this user-friendly environment. Serving as an ideal entry point for novices, the animation centers around a universally relatable theme—a protagonist’s journey from boredom to engagement, culminating in the whimsical interaction with a fidget spinner.

In essence, the narrative captures the simplicity of the creation process on Scratch, emphasizing its suitability for beginners. The protagonist’s decision to combat boredom by interacting with a fidget spinner introduces a contemporary element, aligning the animation with the zeitgeist and fostering a connection with audiences familiar with these ubiquitous stress-relief devices.

Crafting this animation proved to be a time-efficient endeavor, highlighting Scratch’s intuitive interface. The platform’s design empowers creators to swiftly translate their ideas into animated sequences, mitigating the barriers often associated with animation creation. This simplicity not only expedites the creative process but also cultivates a positive and encouraging experience for those venturing into animation for the first time including me. The animation overall lasted only a few seconds.

The storyline, while straightforward, taps into a universally understood sentiment—the character is bored and has nothing to do and his friend is watching through the window. This relatability enhances the animation’s appeal, allowing viewers to resonate with the character’s decision to turn to a fidget spinner for amusement following , this makes his friend frown and get annoyed. By anchoring the narrative in a familiar context, the animation becomes inclusive, transcending demographic boundaries and appealing to a diverse audience. The animation itself is very short and also has an intro and an outro.

The visual elements are intentionally simple, mirroring the simplicity of the storyline. The characters actions and the fidget spinner’s movements are depicted with clarity, ensuring a seamless comprehension of the narrative. This minimalist approach not only streamlines the animation process but also contributes to the project’s accessibility, making it suitable for a wide range of viewers, regardless of age or background.

The selection of Scratch as the animation platform carries educational significance. As a visual programming language tailored for beginners, Scratch provides an immersive learning experience that introduces individuals to coding fundamentals and animation principles. This animation project, serving as a practical example of Scratch’s user-friendly interface, holds the potential to inspire others to explore their creative inclinations in animation, contributing to the growth of a vibrant community of aspiring animators.

In conclusion, this maiden voyage into animation on Scratch stands as a beacon of accessibility and creative exploration. The animation’s simplicity, combined with its relatable theme, positions it as an ideal starting point for beginners entering the animation domain. As a resource catering to those seeking user-friendly tutorials or insights into animation creation on Scratch, this project not only enriches the Scratch community but also contributes to the broader landscape of animation enthusiasts and learners.

Watch the animation here:

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