Grasslands || A Platformer


Grasslands is my first platformer I made on scratch, the movement of the player was made by following a tutorial but the rest is from me. The game has 10 levels. This platformer tells the story of a cube separated from its family, embarking on a ten-level journey to reunite with its family. The player assumes control of this cube, navigating through intricately designed levels, each presenting a new challenge. The goal is simple yet profound: parkour through the lands, overcome obstacles, and ultimately reach the portal at the end of every level. The storyline of the game is a cube who got separated from his family and his journey of 10 levels getting back to them. There are some text on the top of the screen narrated by me to give confidence to the player. The designs are pretty nice and the goal is to reach the portal by parkouring through each level.

Play it Here:

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