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Harry Potter Book Chapter One

The first chapter starts when Vernon Dursley goes to work, he is a very grumpy man and he worked for a drill company, before he went he saw a cat outside in his garage, he shooed it away but it remained still, so he ignored it and went to work.

While he was driving, he saw a couple of people who were talking about the potters, they were talking that the potters got a baby. Dursley didn’t want to tell this to his wife, Petunia, because lily potter was her sister and they haven’t met for so long and he knew she would faint. He went to work and when he was coming back from work he bumped into a small man. He said “I’m sorry muggle”. But Dursley did not understand what was the meaning of muggle. He ignored it and went home, when he came back home he saw the very same cat he met in the morning. He just went home and he thought about the potters and he told his wife about it, then it was night time and he went to sleep. Then a man came walking down the street, he took a lighter and when he clicked it, all of the street lamps in the area turned off.

He stood in front of the cat and the cat magically turned into a human, her name was Minerva McGonagall. The man’s name was Dumbledore and he said Both James and Lily Potter have died by Voldemort, McGonagall was shocked.

She asked what would happen to their son. Dumbledore said Hagrid is bringing him. Young Harry Potter has no choice but to live here because his uncle and aunt are his only living relatives. McGonagall said” I’ve been watching these people and I don’t think they are very nice”. Then they heard a motorbike revving and turned and saw Hagrid riding a motorbike with Harry in his arms. Dumbledore asked where Hagrid got the motorbike, He said, “Young Sirius Black lent me his bike”.

Then Dumbledore said, may I see the boy. He took harry in his arms and saw the lightning scar on his head, made by Voldemort. Then before Dumbledore put harry in the door step Hagrid went to kiss him, after that they put him in the doorstep and left.

In the morning, when Petunia came to carry the milk she saw the baby and she screamed. So they had no choice but to take him in, and harry had to face 11 years of misery.

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