Harry Potter-Chapter Three-Letters From No One | In My Own Words


This chapter talks about letters for harry that fall from everywhere in the house, through the windows, through the door, through the windows, even through the bathroom, in the end Uncle Vernon

This chapter starts when Harry gets free from the cupboard under the stairs after staying in there for one week, even the Summer Holidays Have Started! Harry was glad that school was over, but he can’t escape Dudley’s Gang: Piers, Dennis, Malcolm, Gordon & Dudley, they were all fat and stupid, and Dudley was their leader, they came to his house everyday and what they liked to do most was “Harry Hunting” In which they hunt for Harry and beat him up. That’s why, harry was usually outside the house thinking about when school will be open, he would be going to a secondary school, Stonewall High, but Dudley would be going to Uncle Vernon’s Old School, Smelting’s. One day, Aunt Petunia & Dudley went out to buy Dudley’s Smelting’s Uniform, Harry was left at Mrs.Figgs House, Harry’s Neighbor, she let harry watch and television and gave harry cake which tasted like it was kept for several years without being eaten. Later that evening, Dudley paraded across the hall wearing his new school uniform which had a maroon coat, a straw hat and orange knickerbockers, in Smelting’s, students even carried a bat to hit kids when the teacher was not looking! It was said to be a training for afterlife. Harry had to wear Dudley’s old clothes to school.

Suddenly, they heard the post, then, Uncle Vernon told Dudley to get the post, but Dudley told Harry to get it, so harry went to take the post and was shocked when he had got a letter, Harry hid the post under the table until Dudley saw it and said “DAD, HARRY’S GOT A LETTER” and then Uncle Vernon quickly confiscated the letter but harry said, “Hey! That’s Mine!” but uncle vernon said, “Who would be writing to you”. When he read the letter he got shocked and sent both Dudley and Harry out of the room, Later, Uncle Vernon came in Harry’s cupboard Harry came back and asked for his letter, Uncle Vernon said that he burnt it. Then, Uncle Vernon told that harry is going to move to Dudley’s second room, so harry packed all his things and went to his new room.

He stared at his room and saw that nearly everything there was broken. The Next Morning, Dudley was in shock, he hit his dad with his Smelting’s stick, pretended to be sick and kicked his mother. Then, the post came again and this time Uncle Vernon sent Dudley to get it. Again, there was the same letter for harry, Uncle Vernon quickly burnt the letter and told Harry & Dudley to go to their rooms. Later that night, Harry crept out to get the post, and when he reached the door, he fell on something, something alive, then he hard an “AAAAAARGH” and realized it was Uncle Vernon, then the lights turned on and after shouting at Harry for half an hour, Uncle Vernon told Harry to make a cup of tea. After that incident, Vernon nailed up the mail box, but still, 12 letters made their way through the door and some from the small bathroom window. Even when he blocked all of those, letters still came. After that, Vernon said, “ENOUGH! PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET SOME CLOTHES EVERYBODY, WE’RE MOVING AWAY”. Then they got on the car and went to a hotel, and soon, the owner of the hotel said that they got about a hundred of those messages in the counter. Then again Uncle Vernon took them to a shabby shack which had only two rooms and stinked very badly, Harry didn’t sleep and counted the minutes till his birthday. When the clock struck 12:00 o’clock they heard a loud “BOOM” & somebody came through the front door.

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