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Chapter 2 is basically about Vernon and Petunia Dursley’s son, Dudley, he was a very fat & greedy boy and hated exercise but his parents adored him. Harry slept in a dark cupboard under the stairs and the Dursley’s totally ignored him like he was not in the family. Petunia went to wake up Harry because it was Dudley’s birthday and everything had to be perfect, Harry groaned and Petunia got made she scolded him and told him to wake up again.

Then slowly harry woke up and got dressed,  he doesn’t remember anything of him when he was young, all he could remember was a flash of green light, when he asked the Dursley’s  what happened to his mom and dad they just tell him that they died in a car crash, and he couldn’t ask any questions, that was the number one rule when living with the Dursley. Dudley counted his presents, he had 37, he was angry, he said, that’s two less than last year, his parents said they would buy two more presents when they go out today. Then Dudley calmed down, now they were fighting over what to do with Harry, they didn’t want to take him because they got a new car and he would spoil it, then Vernon suggested to drop him at Mrs.Figg’s house, but Petunia said that Mrs.Figg broke her leg, Dudley started to cry, he was pretend crying, he said he doesn’t want harry to come, just then Dudley’s best friend Piers Polkiss came, so they had no choice but to take him in the car.

They were all going to the zoo, when they arrived, Vernon Dursley told Harry no funny business or he will stay in his cupboard for a week. Then they took harry Dudley and piers to buy ice cream, they bought piers and Dudley a big ice cream and bought harry a cheap lemon lolly. 

Harry explored all the animals and saw a boa constrictor, he asked it where it came from, it understood him and pointed to a sign, harry was shocked, he asked it if it has been to Brazil, as said on the sign. The snake pointed again to the sign it said, specimen bred in the zoo. Then suddenly piers called out to the Dursley’s, DUDLEY, MR.DURSLEY LOOK WHAT THIS SNAKE IS DOING!. Dudley peered inside, but then he fell down inside the snakes cage, then the snake got out and said, Brazil here I come…………..Thankssss Amigo. Then the Dursleys had to call the zookeeper to take Dudley out, then the Dursley’s stared at Harry and said, It was you wasn’t it, because they knew that harry was a wizard like his parents but didn’t want to tell him this. When they went home, Harry had to stay in the cupboard for a week and could only come out to use the bathroom, also harry’s food was given to him through a hole in a slot in his door, Poor Harry!

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