Informal Writing: A Family Trip


Dear Grandma and Grandad,

How are you? Hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to tell you about how my trip to France went last month.

When we landed in France, I was very excited to see the beautiful view from the airport, one of our friends came to pick us up from the airport and we stayed at their place for the whole trip. We freshened up at their house and got ready to go sight-seeing.

We first went to the Eiffel tower as all of us have been longing to go there since we started to plan about this trip. When we arrived at the Eiffel tower, we got in the elevator all the way to the top and we saw the whole view of the beautiful country of France up there. After the end of the sight-seeing, we went to an amazing French restaurant to eat our dinner and that was the end of one fascinating day at France.

This trip was too long to be put in a small Letter, so hope to see you soon this weekend so I can tell you more.

Your Truly,


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