Informal Writing: A School


Dear Sam,

Hope you are doing well. I am writing this e-mail to tell you about my new school that I recently moved into. It is a really big and popular school and has a lot of students as well as teachers. The teacher were very nice on my first day there and I liked my new classroom. It had a mini-library, science instruments and much much more. The seats were very comfortable and the desks were huge and large fitting about 8 people per table. The teacher introduced me and I made some friends that day. The teacher started off explaining about the school year and the number of subject we would be taking this year. We had to take 8 subjects which were compulsory and other extra subjects which we could take if we wanted which were arts, sports and music. I ended up taking sports as it was more useful for our health and physical well-being.

After the first few periods, we went to the grounds for recess, the playground was large and had a basketball and football court. I enjoyed my time during recess and I had lots of fun playing tag with my new friends. When my dad came to pick me up at the end of school I told him I enjoyed this new school and wish to come back there tomorrow as soon as possible.

Yours Truly,

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