Introduction to Scratch MIT


Hi everyone, today I will be introducing you the the coding platform Scratch. It is a coding platform which mainly consists of JavaScript and uses blocks-coding program. Let me tell you more about it.

Homepage Of Scratch

First off, this is the homepage of scratch where you can find the featured projects which means the projects that have been put up by the scratch team. You can also find Featured Studios, which are the studios that have been put up by the scratch team and there is also curated projects, every week or so, scratch team chooses some Scratchers (which means coders) who will choose underrated projects (very good but unpopular projects) to be front paged every day for a week. There is also top remixed projects (projects which have been duplicated and changed) and top loved projects (projects that have been hearted a lot of times).

Now let me tell you about the bar at the top. It consists of “Create” (This is the button you click to go to the scratch code editor), “Explore”(Here you can find the trending projects), “Ideas”(You can find ideas for game that you would like to make and “About”(Which gives you a brief introduction about Scratch). You can also click on Join Scratch button to create your own Scratch Account or click the Sign In button to login to your account if you already have one. Now let me move on to the code editor of Scratch.

The Code Editor Of Scratch

When you click the Create button in the top bar of the Homepage, it will take you to this page, The Code Editor. The code editor is where we code all our projects. The area in the middle is called the code area this is where we drag our blocks to the left we have the different categories which are the different types of blocks which control a Sprite (a character in scratch). in the bottom right we have the choose a sprite or backdrop(the background) library. Let me tell you about all the categories.

The first category is the motion category. It control all the movements in a sprite and it also contains x (the left and right position of the screen) position and y position (the top and bottom position of the screen).

The second category is the looks category which is in charge of the way of how a sprite looks, we can change the size shape and color.

The third category is the sound category which has all the sounds of a sprite.

The fourth category is the events category which are the codes which run a project when a particular key is pressed or when the flag in the top right side of the screen is pressed.

The fifth category is also a very important category and so is the motion category. The control category controls the sprite such as make it repat something a particular amount of times or repeat forever.

The sixth category is the sensing category whereas represents to when the sprite senses something then something else will happen.

The fourth category is the operator category which has all the mathematical functions and code.

The fifth category is the variables category, what a variable is it is a piece of code which stores values inside of it. The variables categories is very important for games which contain a score as variables are used in it and many other projects too.

Last but not least, we have the My Blocks category which is the category sed to make your own block. For example, if you have a piece of code that you want to use a bunch of times in one project, instead of copying the same sprite multiple times. You can put it in a block that has been made using My Blocks so wherever you use that block the same script will run.

That’s all I will cover for this essay but if you want the accurate introduction you can watch my video “Introduction to scratch” as I cover each and every aspect of Scratch. Link is below:

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