Life In Covid-19 Pandemic


Covid 19 Pandermic

From the start of this pandemic dating back two years ago, life hasn’t been the same. Lots of lockdowns, quarantine, the world was just in complete misery.

Firstly, All the roads are empty with no cars and people. Lots of police cars also roam the streets so they can make sure nobody comes out of their house at night-time. In the Morning, people are allowed to go outside for a certain time period with their faces covered with face masks. This makes the surroundings, unusually weird. Birds are everywhere undisturbed by hunters who hunt them. Lots of shrubs surround empty lots too. The air is also cleaner and fresher with no people around to pollute it. It’s like a huge ghost town. People also stay one meter away from each other catches/has covid.

Secondly, All the people look very different covered with masks and holding sanitizers in one hand to protect their hands from germs and bacteria. When it turns night-time, everybody has to quickly go back home because the police will come to patrol the roads and look for people who are outside their homes, if you are caught, you might be fined. Police patrol the roads until day-time approaches and then the people are allowed to go outside to work or to get groceries. Everyone is unusually quiet and fearful.

After a while, lockdown in some countries is lifted and people are allowed to go outside anytime they want. To sum up, this pandemic had a really positive effect on the environment and has changed our way of living.

And yet the Covid-19 situation not over, the world is experiencing new different types of Covid-19 variants.

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