Online and Face-To-Face Learning


Since the start of this pandemic dating back 2 years ago. The way of learning has also changed. The Ministry of education announced that students will be taking classes online. This changed the way of education, every morning during weekdays students would open their devices and attend classes through Zoom. So, there were many differences and disadvantages, let us know more about them.

Firstly, one of the disadvantages of online learning is that students can’t physically communicate with the teachers, because when you interact and socialize with your teacher, you will understand concepts more clearly and you can clarify your doubts faster and easier than in virtual classes, as you have to raise your hand for a long time and you have to wait for your teacher to unmute you so this can cause less involvement with the teacher.

Secondly, concentration among online and offline students differ, while in online classes, some students may turn off their cameras and they might be doing something else and not focus on the screen, this is another disadvantage of online learning, students will lack concentration and ignore what the teacher is teaching and may not unmute their mics when instructed by the teacher. But in physical class the teachers can see what the students in class are doing and can catch them if they’re doing something that they shouldn’t do during class.

Lastly, students will understand lessons differently than others. During online classes, students may find it hard to focus as some don’t get the feeling of studying physically and this can change the way they understand concepts. Offline students have direct involvement with the teacher so they can quickly ask their doubts and clear them.

Overall, students have to understand that they’re going through hard times and they have to bear with us the hardships of these times. Teachers are trying their best to keep the students engaged and we appreciate their efforts, and now the ministry has allowed vaccinated students to attend physical classes and with that, the way of learning may come back to normal. Who knows?

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