Plagiarism and Copyright


One of the main aspects of essay writing is to not plagiarize. When you plagiarize, it means that you are stealing things that other people wrote and copyright means that the person who made it has the rights to do anything with it.

Firstly, when a person works hard on writing an essay and someone plagiarizes and steals it, it can make the person who made it really sad. Just think about how much time they would have spent working on the essay just to see their essay get plagiarized. This may cause demotivation and sometimes lead to giving up on their dreams.

Secondly, there are many causes of plagiarism. For example, plagiarism can occur when a child is panicked and worried about getting a good score, and in order to get that score they might try plagiarizing and stealing information from other people and websites. This should not be implemented further onwards and should be stopped immediately because it can get in a child’s brain and the child will continue to plagiarize.

Also, some children who have a bit understanding that plagiarism is bad, they try paraphrasing which is the method in which they find information from the internet and change it into their own words. This method is better than just simply copying everything that has been written on the website but it is still known as plagiarism. Of course, common words that have been used in the essay are not counted as plagiarism but the rest are.

Sometimes, when a person gets annoyed of being constantly plagiarized, he makes a copyright. Copyright basically protects the person who made the work, it will prevent unauthorized copying of your work and can get people fined if they copy it. So, fearing of getting fined, they won’t plagiarize your work. Copyright allows only you to edit or change the work and nobody else can.

In conclusion, no one should plagiarize as plagiarism is a really cunning and bad act and can lead to many disappointed faces. If you have a habit of plagiarizing, try to get rid of it while your still young, it will make you a better person when you grow up.


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