21% Monster Series By P J Canning 3 Books Collection Set – Ages 9-13 – Paperback



Titles in this set:

1.21% Monster
2.21% Monster: Ice Giant
3.21% Monster: Serpent Strike


21% Monster
When Darren Devlin is arrested for destroying his school with his bare hands, it’s not just the police who are after him. Enter Marek Masters, 14 years old, 19% alien, and the most intelligent, most wanted “almost human” alive. Marek is here to tell Darren the truth – he is 21% monster, and together they must take down the secret organisation that created them.

Darren and Marek are wanted, powerful and dangerous. And now it’s payback time.

21% Monster: Ice Giant
The girl put her hands on her hips, cocked her head and answered: ‘My name is Aurora Mara Ash-Valero and I’m here to kick your butt!”

Since Darren Devlin and Marek Masters joined forces, there has only been one thing on their minds – taking down XSP, the secret organisation that transformed them into genetically-modified superhumans. Even with 21% monster Darren’s incredible strength, and 19% alien Marek’s super intelligence, XSP is more than a match for them.

But what if there was another survivor of XSP’s experiments? A tall, tough, athletic teen girl able to withstand sub-zero temperatures and track potential predators? A girl who’s 17% sabre-tooth polar bear, and out for revenge.

21% Monster: Serpent Strike
For once, 21% monster teenage-boy Darren Devlin thinks he has the upper hand over Xastris, the secret organisation that transformed him into a genetically-modified superhuman. Since joining forces with 19% alien boy Marek Masters, 17% sabre-tooth polar-bear Aurora Valero, and now 16% alien girl Genie, Darren has never been in a stronger position…but neither have Xastris.

For they are planning an attack on the world’s greatest superpowers, with the fate of millions at stake. Can Darren and the team intercept Operation Serpent Strike…or will Xastris land their deadliest bite yet?