Bear Grylls Mission Survival Collection 8 Books Set – Ages 9-14 – Paperback



Titles In This Set :

1. Claws of the Crocodile
2. Sands of the Scorpion
3. Gold of the Gods
4. Way of the Wolf
5. Strike of the Shark
6. Tracks of the Tiger
7. Lair of the Leopard
8. Rage of the Rhino

Description :

Claws of the Crocodile
When Beck Granger follows a mysterious clue to the town of Broome in Northern Australia, it is just the beginning of an adventure that will force him into some of his toughest survival challenges yet! The search for clues takes Beck into the heart of the Outback, where he must battle raging storms, ravenous crocodiles, cunning villains and a secret that may link back to the death of his parents many years ago . . .

Sands of the Scorpion
After being forced to parachute out of a smugglers plane, teenage adventurer Beck Granger is about to face his toughest survival challenge yet the Sahara Desert. Blistering sun, shifting sand dunes, and no water for hundreds of miles . . . Can he survive the heat and make it out alive?

Gold of the Gods
Beck Granger is lost in the jungle with no food, no compass, and no hope of rescue. But Beck is no ordinary teenager – he’s the world’s youngest survival expert. If anyone can make it out alive, he can.

Way of the Wolf
A fatal plane crash. A frozen wilderness. The worlds youngest survival expert is in trouble again . . . Beck Granger must find help across the mountains but even if he survives the deadly cold, can he escape the hungry wolf that is on his trail?

Strike of the Shark
When Beck Granger is ship-wrecked in the open seas, he needs all of his survival skills to save a small group of passengers. But the sinking was no accident. In order to stay alive, hell have to work out who wants him dead, and why. That is, if the sharks dont get him first . . .

Tracks of the Tiger
Young survival expert Beck Granger is supposed to be enjoying a holiday. But when a volcano erupts he is stranded and must flee from red-hot lava and molten rocks crashing out of the sky. If he is to stay alive, he must make his way across the jungle to safety travelling right through the heart of tiger territory . . .

Lair of the Leopard
When teen adventurer Beck Granger finds himself stranded on a Himalayan mountainside, he has to draw on all his strength and skill to survive. After death-defying climbing and sheltering in some of the hardest terrain on earth, Beck also has to somehow make it through bear attacks and flash floods. But the biggest challenge of all is still ahead Can Beck finally learn the truth about his parents deaths and bring their killers to justice?

Rage of the Rhino
Young adventurer Beck Granger is invited to South Africa by an old friend of his parents’ to help out on a project to prevent rhino poaching. But when he arrives all is not as it seems, and Beck is caught up in something more dangerous than anything he’s ever survived before . . . Not only are there the poachers to contend with, but somebody seems desperate to track Beck down – whatever the cost. And then there are the hundreds of wild animals . . .