Captain Underpants 12 Books



CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS returns! Prepare for more adventures, rescue missions and of course, the famous duo that save humanity with the power of pants.

For avid young readers who love to have fun, this jam-packed collection with 10 titles is full of wacky ideas, schoolboy errors and big, bad plots. Award-winning Dav Pikey, author and illustrator gives children a hilarious insight into the lives of George and Harold as they become waistband warriors. The duo have plenty to tackle in this set of novels, as they save the world with the right blend of seriousness and silliness. Each one is a joy for both children and to read together, excited to read on and tackle the next book. Kids will love the illustrations and the role they play in helping George and Harold to solve each puzzle, challenge and mission that comes their way – all with the power of pants.

It’s no surprise that this popular plot was turned into an on-screen spectacular back in 2017, Captain Underpants: The Epic First Movie. Worth a watch, but definitely better to read the books first!