Guinness World Records 2023 – Ages 7 Years And Up – Hardback



The idea for a book of records started in 1950, when Sir Hugh Beaver, Managing Director of the Guinness Brewery attended a shooting party and had an argument with fellow guests about what game bird was the fastest. Not being able to find the answer in any reference book and with the idea of creating a book to settle all pub arguments, the Guinness Book of World Records was published in 1954. Fast forward 70+ years it has long since been a bestseller and one of the most recognised and trusted book brands in the world.

The new Edition of the Guinness World Records 2023 takes us on a journey that’s out of this world, revealing the latest and greatest record-breaking achievements here on Planet Earth. It feels like we are living in a new world As lockdown restrictions eased, our horizons expanded once again, and it’s fair to say our world is experiencing unprecedented change – in the environment, culture, technology and society! Fielding thousands of applications a month the team at World Records have been busy with a unique mix of the tallest, shortest, strongest and hairiest on the planet, history’s bravest two and four-legged heroes and pioneering space tourists, among many more.

What can you find in the 10 record breaking chapters:

Breath-taking birdwatching
Whistlestop tour of our planet
Significant videogame records
Most successful movie franchises, video games, toys and brands
Extraordinary skills on display from the jugglers, rock-climbers, freestylers and mermaids (yes, mermaids!)
Young Achievers – introducing you to six more incredible teenagers and MUCH more!