Hey Jack! The Anniversary Collection 23 Books Set By Sally Rippin – Ages 5+ – Paperback



Titles in This Set:

1. The Fire Truck
2. The Special Guest
3. The Backyard Mystery
4. The star of the Week
5. The Extra-special Group
6. The Party Invite
7. The Other Teacher
8. The Toy sale
9. The Big Adventure
10. The Bravest Kid
11. The Bumpy Ride
12. The Worst Sleepover
13. The Worry Monsters
14. The Playground Problem
15. The Top Team
16. The Best Party Ever
17. The Lost Reindeer
18. The Circus Lesson
19. The New Friend
20. The Winning Goal
21. The Robot Blues
22. The scary solo
23. The crazy cousins


The Fire Truck
Jack’s going to visit a fire station all by himself! But can he still have fun without his best friend Billie?

The Special Guest
Its Jacks turn to look after the class toy for the weekend! But things dont go as he planned. Will it be a disaster?

The Backyard Mystery
Jack has found some insect eggs in his backyard. He cant wait for them to hatch. But whats inside?

The star of the Week
Jack is chosen to be the Star of the Week at school, but he wants to be a good friend too. Can he do both?

The Extra-special Group
Jack finds spelling hard. He has to go to a special spelling group. But what if the other kids make fun of him?

The Party Invite
Jack’s friend Rebecca is having a birthday party, but Jack’s not invited! Does this mean they aren’t friends anymore?

The Other Teacher
Jack’s class has a new teacher who seems really cool. But then Jack breaks a rule he didn’t even know existed! Maybe the teacher’s not so great after all

The Toy sale
Jack is selling the toys he doesn’t play with anymore. There’s some old Lego, a scruffy teddy bear and a robot dog that doesn’t work. But when Jack sees other kids having fun with his stuff, will he regret the whole idea?

The Big Adventure
Jack loves camping! Sleeping in a tent, toasting marshmallows and especially going on adventures. But will one of his adventures take him a little further than he planned?

The Bravest Kid
When Jack hurts his ankle, he tries really hard not to cry. He’s not a baby! Surely he can be braver than that?

The Bumpy Ride
Jack cant wait to stay at the farm! But when he gets there, the animals are a bit bigger than he imagined. Will he be able to face his fears and still have an awesome time?

The Worst Sleepover
Jack is having a sleep over at his friends house! He cant wait. Its going to be the best fun ever…isnt it?

The Worry Monsters
Jack hates spelling. He has a test coming up, but he doesnt want to practise for it. What will happen if he leaves it too late?

The Playground Problem
Jack’s friend Billie is away, so Jack hangs out with Alex instead. They have heaps of fun together! But what will happen when Billie comes back?

The Top Team
Jack wants to win the maths competition at school, but its not his best subject. Luckily, hes been paired with a maths whiz! Can they work together to win?

The Best Party Ever
Jacks whole class is coming to his birthday party. Its going to be awesome! But what will he do when his best friend is too sick to come?

The Lost Reindeer
Jack and Billie are off to carols by candlelight! They can’t wait to hear their favourite singer. But what will happen when Jack gets lost?

The Circus Lesson
Jacks new babysitter is awesome, but a bit crazy. Pizza for dinner, juggling lessons and sleeping outside with no tent! But will Jack let his worrying get in the way of having fun?

The New Friend
Jack has found a lost puppy! It is so cute. But can he convince his mum and dad to let him keep it?

The Winning Goal
Its Jacks first day at soccer! He really wants to kick a goal, but the coach has made him goalie. Theres no glory in goal keeping, is there?

The Robot Blues
Jack is invited to a costume party, and hes made an awesome robot suit. But what if the other kids at the party think its lame?

The scary solo
Jacks best friend got the solo that he wanted, and hes a bit mad. But when things go wrong on concert night, can Jack save the day?

The crazy cousins
Jacks in the mood for mooching around, not playing with his crazy cousins! But will his bad mood spoil the whole day?