Wolfblood Series 3 Books Collection Set – Young Adult – Paperback – Sharon Gosling


Teen and young adult readers cant get enough of the Wolfblood novels. There are four Wolfblood books based on the smash-hit CBBC TV series which is a popular watch. For those that dont know, Wolfbloods are humans with the superpower to transform into wolves as soon as the full moon makes an appearance but also when they are feeling stressed. The Wolfblood books were first published between 2015 and 2016 by Robert Rigby, an established childrens writer both on and off screen. In the Wolfblood set of books, readers will follow fourteen-year-old Maddy who lives with her parents in the Northumbrian countryside but she has a secret. Maddy and her family have Wolfblood nature and as much as they try to live a normal life, there is always danger along the way. The Wolfblood books are aimed at a more mature audience, with eager readers who are able to confidently depict fiction from reality. There is a Wolfblood trilogy to get teen and young adult readers stuck into, so they dont have to wait to find out what happens next. Wolfblood books are an excellent choice for fans of supernatural worlds and superhuman powers, not to mention plenty of mystery along the way.
Wolfblood: Pull of the Moon

The first thrilling WOLFBLOOD book – based on the smash-hit CBBC series! WOLFBLOOD follows teenage Wolfbloods. Humans with the ability to transform into wolves at the full moon and at times when they’re stressed. This mysterious race has lived among us for centuries. Wolfbloods have superhuman powers in the form of strength, speed, agility and heightened senses, and retain these even when in human form. Fourteen-year-old Maddy lives with her mother and father high in the moors of the beautiful Northumbrian countryside. Her Wolfblood nature – and that of her parents – is her most closely guarded secret. She tries to live as normal a life as possible, but there is danger at every turn, with her best friend determined to track down the secret of the ‘beasts of the moors’; and the pull of the full moon every month tempting the Wolfbloods. And on top of this, the trials and tribulations of ordinary teenage life …Then into her life steps a stranger, Rhydian, and one who she realises with shock is just like her …Maddy and Rhydian must hide their secret from even their closest friends, or the Wolfblood race could be in deadly danger. PULL OF THE MOON is the first in the series of four WOLFBLOOD books.

Wolfblood: Call of the Wild

The second thrilling WOLFBLOOD book – based on the smash-hit CBBC series! On a snowy night on Stoney bridge Moor, three wild wolves pursue another lone wolf, closing in on him. Meanwhile, Maddy and her parents take shelter in their underground ‘den’, away from the full moon and the danger of transforming into Wolfbloods in the open air. When the young wolf is chased desperately to their house, they realise with shock that it’s Rhydian – back from the wild, where he’s been in self-inflicted exile with his mother and the ‘wild’ pack. Danger is hot on Rhydian’s heels, though. The pack leader, Alric, is hunting him, claiming that he broke their rules, that he tried to win the wolves around to being open to human ways. Maddy and her family must, once again, try to keep Rhydian safe, and protect the Wolfblood secret from being exposed. Things are complicated, though, with the arrival of another young wild Wolfblood – unkempt, feisty Jana, who poses a threat to Maddy in more ways than one …Another thrilling and tense instalment in the CBBC WOLFBLOOD series.

Wolfblood: Wolves Among Us

The third thrilling WOLFBLOOD book – based on the smash-hit CBBC series! Their Wolfblood nature suspected, Maddy Smith and her family have been forced to leave their home of Stoney bridge and head for the safety and remoteness of Canada. Tom and Shannon are missing their friend horribly, and Rhydian is back to being a lone wolf. He’d finally found his pack, only to lose them. On top of this his trusted Wolfblood friend Jana has been shot while in the wild, and her life is in danger. In this third thrilling story in the WOLFBLOOD series, the humans and Wolfbloods will have to pull together to restore Jana to health, and fend off the continual threat from the wild Wolfblood pack; and Rhydian will have to confront old family disputes to work out where he really belongs.