ZAC Power Zacs Top 10 Books Box By H.I.Larry – Ages 7-9 – Paperback



Titles in the Set :

1. Poison Island
2. Fossil Fury
3. Shock Music
4. Swamp Race
5. Lunar Strike
6. Mind Games
7. Tomb of Doom
8. Volcanic Panic
9. Frozen Fear
10. Close Shave

Description :

Poison Island
Zacs headed for poison Island to find Dr Drastic, an enemy scientist. But will Zac survive the dense jungle and piranha-infested lakes between him and Drastics secret lab?

Fossil Fury
Zac knows the dinosaurs died out millions of years ago. So why would a crazy scientist claim that he has brought one back to life?

Shock Music
Has Zac’s favourite band turned evil? On his latest mission, Zac will have to use all his awesome rock star skills to work out what’s going on

Swamp Race
Zac needs to find the top-secret blueprints before his archenemy does! Can he win the race and escape the Murky Swamp?

Lunar Strike
Zac is rocketed into outer space to step the sabotage of a charity rock concert. An enemy agent is out to steal billions of dollars in donations, and will stop at nothing to get them

Mind Games
Super-smart hackers are attacking the software that protects GIB’s ultra-powerful satellite WorldEye. Sources lead Zac to Bladesville, a huge city where all the latest games and gadgets are developed. Can Zac track down the hackers and outsmart them?

Tomb of Doom
Zacs latest mission is to find and rescue a GIB agent whos gone missing inside the mysterious Vanishing Tomb. Zac will need more than a bag full of super-cool gadgets to complete this mission and get out alive!

Volcanic Panic
When Zac’s latest mission briefing sends him to a secret volcanic island in the middle of the ocean, he knows that something isn’t quite right then Zac discovers a secret that GIB has been trying to uncover for years.

Frozen Fear
Zac is sent to the Great Icy Pole to investigate suspicious activity in the area. It’s a freezing, scary place where your eyeballs can freeze in their sockets and your fingers can snap off! And if Zac misses his helicopter ride back, he’ll be stuck there all winter. . . .

Close Shave
Someone has unleashed an evil new hair gel! Zac Power has only 24 hours to save an entire town from going blad including himself!