Safety Awareness During This Pandemic


 Safety during this COVID-19 pandemic is very important for us to remain healthy. Let me tell you more

Safety Methods

Safety during this pandemic should be used. Because of this Covid19 many people are dying every day. So if we maintain proper hygiene we can stop covid19 from getting into us. It is very important to prevent this harmful disease.  Having proper hygiene could also help us prevent this pandemic. Now let’s move on.

We should try our best to prevent Covid. We should limit our time going outside.

There are many ways we can protect ourselves from Covid:

  1. We should wear masks when going out
  2. Limit close interaction with people
  3. Stay at least 6 meters away from people when talking with them
  4. Sneeze or cough cover your mouth!
  5. Wash your hand for 20 seconds when you visit people who are sick and come back

These are 5 ways we can prevent Corona. So we should always keep ourselves healthy with these safety precautions. And always remember this:

                Prevention is better than cure- Desiderius Erasmus                          

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