What is your weight on other planets? – An App Made By Mehthab


Basically this topic is about an app I created and published on the app store. In order to calculate what your weight will be on different planets, I made a simple app that calculates your weight on any planet when you insert your weight there.

The website I used to code this tool is called “Thunkable”. It is a very good app and uses block-based coding to make games/apps. The reason I used this website to make my game is because this website was specifically made to code apps that can be later on published to the Appstore. It is one of the easiest websites to learn especially if you are a new developer and want to make your first app.

I am going to summarize the content of the site to give you a brief overview of what it is all about. The photos on the top are basically showing the planets in our solar system, and below the picture is an input box where you can input your weight and below that is the planet name you would like to see your weight on, In the bottom is where the result is displayed and you can view your weight there. The background of the game is blue in color and I made a few attractive graphics that can improve the game a bit.

When we get to the blocks, we will find that I have added many different types of blocks that will change the weight of the blocks in accordance with which planet we select. It works in such a way that whenever you click on one of the planet buttons, it will change the result on the bottom of the page to your weight multiplied by your weight on the other planets.

Every planet has its own weight multiplier, such as Mars, for instance, with a multiplier of 0.38, which is why every planet has its very own and unique weight multiplier. This way, when you multiply your weight on earth with Mars multiplier, it gives you the approximate weight you will be if you ever go to mars. With the help of the weight multipliers of all of the planets, I was able to multiply what you entered into the input box by the weight multiplier of that planet. You can click on the planet you wish to use, and the app will multiply that weight with that planet’s unique multiplier, and then multiply them together in order to display your final weight in the input field.

In terms of functionality, I was able to make this game work according to the way I had intended to, and the code is also quite simple and not complicated at all, so I was able to create this simple yet efficient app by using this mechanism, which would be useful if you ever wanted to know your weight on another planet.

You can try it out here:-

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