Writing A Review – A Film


There are many amazing films that I have watched but one of which I mostly enjoyed was Spider-Man No way home where I watched in a cinema with my friends. The main characters included Spider man and his friends. The setting took place in New York city where spider man lives.

Spider-man is a regular teenage high-schooler with the name of Peter Parker and lives with his aunt. The movie is a sequel to the first movie of the series far from home. The brief description of this story is that villains from different universes combined into one world where spider-man lives and spider-man is the cause of this misdemeanor. He works together with the villains that are nice and willing to help spider-man even though they are villains. Even though all of them were nice. One of them turned out to be an imposter, he tried to stop spider-man but they defeated him in the end.

My opinion on this movie is that it was amazing and the graphics were awesome and the ending was also pretty nice. I have nothing to recommend as this was truly an amazing movie.

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