Writing A Review: A Mall


Last Week, A new mall opened very close to my house called “The Paradise Mall”. I was really excited to go visit it and I begged my parents to take me there. Then they finally agreed and we went to the mall.

The outer part of the wall had a nice architectural look and the architects have designed it well. It had an oval looking shape and curved design, the parking lot was very big and can contain up to 5,000 cars.

When I entered the mall , the amount of things that were there was breathtaking. There were up to 5 floors in the mall and there was also a huge play place at the top most floor of the mall where lots of kids went to play. I went to the place too and immediately ran to the arcade to play some fun games there. After I was done we explored all the different places that were there on all floors, the mall was separated onto different floors and sectors and each floor contained different types of shop, the first was full of grocery shops and supermarkets. The second was for the restaurants where people could dine out in, the third was for the clothing stores and the fourth one was for accessories like watches and jewelry shops. The fifth one was fully for entertainment such as the cinema and the huge play place which I played in previously.

I enjoyed the trip and to finish it off we visited the cinema and watched a film while eating popcorn.

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