Writing A Review: A Park


A new park had opened next to my house so I decided to take a walk to the park and check it out.

Firstly, I went and told my mom that I would be heading of to check out the new park that the town decided to open. She said that I can go so I quickly put on my coat and ran off to the park to check it out.

It looked great and had a nice circular road enclosing it for people who would like to bike ride or take a walk across the park. I went to the center and I found a huge park there. There were many sets of swing that were very large and I tried them and it felt great to do so. Then I moved on to the merry-go round that was also very large and fit about 10 people on it. It span really fast and I was very dizzy when it stopped. There was also a huge slide that took like 1 whole minute to ride from top to bottom and it was really slippery so it was exciting and fun at the same time.

I recommend this park to add more cool rides like a see-saw and many more unique things. Overall, I enjoyed my time at the park and looked forward to visiting it every single day.

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